Intro to Making Paper

Each and every one of the hundreds of raindrops that will comprise the final installation of Proyecto de Lluvia, will be cut out of student-made, recycled paper. Last week, Freedom Prep Middle School artists completed their first round of paper-making in class. 

Students rotate in groups of five to the paper-making station in the back of the classroom. The scholars take turns, working collaboratively to make as much paper as they can in the allotted time. Sixth and seventh graders often struggle working in small groups collaboratively, but the hands-on nature of paper-making promoted cooperation and group learning. 

My students are really engaged with the process of working with this material and have eagerly asked to continue the small-group paper station for the coming months. So far, we have made roughly one hundred sheets of paper. By the end of October, we hope to have at least three hundred usable sheets. 

Below, I've shared the video I used to teach kids how to make paper.